Internal Controls

We provide accurate inventory of all assets.  Assets are tagged with our own individual bar coded marking system and cross-referenced with serial numbers and client asset tag numbers before it leaves our facility.  When necessary, we will maintain complete chain of custody and the items will never leave our control.  In addition, we tag items by market to ensure easy shipment to the appropriate vendor.  When appropriate, we require proof of receipt from the vendor against a Bill of Lading issued at the time of pickup.

Liability Control

We use a three step process using both human and systemic procedures to ensure no device leaves our control with your data.  We ensure all media that may contain data is erased, destroyed, or returned to you.  This includes, but is not limited to, hard drives, SSDs, CDs, DVDs, Compact Flash, memory Sticks, Floppy Disks, Tape and DAT’s (in accordance with milspec DOD-5220.22M or NIST 800-88).  We will also report to you a detailed list of items that were cleared of data (by item) along with the date and RWL employee who certified the item as being clear of data.  In addition, we ensure all network addressing is removed from network devices and printers.  We also protect your valuable trademark by terminating the ownership chain.  We ensure any and all company identifiers are removed from the assets and contractually indemnify you for any loss due to our neglect or oversight.  In addition, any item that has to be recycled will be done in accordance with Federal, State, and Local laws.

Quality Control

We employ a “closed loop” quality control system.  We have controls in place to capture and evaluate performance data at all critical steps of our processes.  We then use the data to do continuous improvements.

Repair and Refurbishment

We have full repair capability for both small and capital items including equipment and furniture.


We have a comprehensive network of logistic providers including movers, common carriers, and packaging services. We ensure that each vendor meets stringent insurance requirements to protect you from any potential liability or losses.  We coordinate logistics with building owners and managers to make the process simple and effective.


We track each individual asset and provide custom reporting to give you visibility into each step of the process.  We track each item from the time of pickup to the time of disposition and when required, can make this information available at your request. Our reports provide all relevant information including: project ID, location, serial numbers, and asset tag numbers.  In addition, we give you financial data to see the final disposition of each item.

Donation and Employee Sales

we can deploy employee sales campaigns and also distribute your assets to charities of your choice.

Vendor Certification

We ensure all vendors can execute on commitments and have a history of excellence.  We continually evaluate their performance compared to the market and add or delete them from our vendor/provider list depending on their evaluation.