Floor to Ceiling Asset Recovery

We cover multiple types of assets including but not limited to office furniture, IT equipment, artwork, test and measurement equipment, electronic components, office equipment and office supplies.

Asset Specific Outsourcing

 If you aren’t ready to turn over the entire process, we can limit our services to a single class of assets.

Sales Agent Assignments

We assign your assets to pre-certified vendors (auctioneers & resellers) when it’s determined to be the best course of action to meet your goals. Since we aggregate the assets of numerous customers, we generally obtain better rates and lower expenses and pass the savings back to our customer.

On-Line Auction Management

We have the capability to sell your assets using on-line auctions.  We select on-line options that historically have provided the best return.  We also incur reduced fees by aggregating numerous customers.

Liquidation Services

When deemed to be the best course of action, we provide liquidation services in a fast, efficient, and transparent manner.

Asset Valuations

To help you manage your assets better, we provide estimates of the value of your assets by market.  We use internal and external data to complete and support the findings.

Clean-up, Storage, and Transportation

We provide clean-up, storage, and transportation services to help your customers meet their objectives.