We will deal with almost all types of office assets including but not lmited to office furniture, IT equipment, artwork, test and measurement equipment, electronic components, office equipment, and office supplies.

We have national exposure and can work with companies that have multiple locations.  We will be your single point of contact throughout the whole process.  You will no longer have to work with multiple vendors to take care of your asset disposition needs.

We can also:

  • Maintain and document chain of custody
  • Terminate the ownership chain to help avoid public embarrassments
  • Ensure your insurance requirements are complied with to avoid legal exposure due to on-site accidents or damage to fixed property
  • Coordinate and use unionized workforce when mandated by building owners
  • Provide the certificates of destruction or other type of documentation as required by your organization. This may include video proof of the disposal process

In summary, we instantly provide you the experience, contacts, security, and best practices so that you can focus on what makes you successful.