RWL Markets was started in 2003 by Jaime L Staalenburg, an executive in the power plant engineering business.  After the collapse of Enron, he was tasked with shutting down his company’s multiple offices and was amazed at the limited number of options available.

Research clearly indicates asset disposition is not a core business function for most companies and therefore not an area of expertise.

We are not a recycler but do have 14 years of experience in the asset disposition/recovery business. We are experts in the tricks of the trade and have an extensive database of recyclers, integrators, resellers, shipping carriers, liquidators, janitorial, and end user customers that we use to help you achieve your goals.  We offer a “Best of Breed” solution simplifying the entire process to a phone call or email.  We take care of everything from that point on including logistics, insurance, scheduling, de-installs, clean-up and more.